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Fiona G Mokry
Fiona is an island-life loving Dive master, traveling the globe and exploring as much of the world as possible. When she’s not scuba diving, she’s writing about her ventures and sharing with others. An animal lover and family gal, Fiona enjoys spending time with her adorable cat and loving husband. A firm believer in pursuing happiness as opposed to financial stability, she hopes to continue the adventure for many years to come!

The Top Six Beaches in Thailand

It’s no secret that Thailand is world-famous for its tropical waters, white sand, and stunning scenery. Millions of tourists flock to Beaches in Thailand every year to relax on exotic islands and beautiful beaches. Of course, Thailand has a lot more to offer than...

Top Tours to Take in Morocco

The location of Morocco makes it one of the most fascinating countries in the world. The history is complicated and deep, the culture is rich and complex, and its beauty is unmatched by most other countries. Its location in northern Africa causes a unique clash...