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Jennifer Drews
A recent university graduate that has decided to get a full-time job in freelance writing while traveling the world instead of an office job.

The Guide to Eating in Colombia

Along the northwest coast of South America is the beautiful country of Colombia, which is has a diverse array of amazing foods. Coming across authentic Mexican, French, Greek or Argentinian restaurants are not difficult to find, however the local foods need to be sampled...

Road Tripping Across Germany

Germany is a country in Western Europe that is alive with a deep history and breathtaking views, its unique culture and vibrant cities make for an ideal place to road trip across. From the Northern Baltic Sea to the forests and Alps in the...

Guatemala the Unexplored Backpackers Paradise

In the middle of Central America, surrounded by Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Belize is the ancient country of Guatemala. The environmental biodiversity of the immense rainforest that runs throughout the country, the volcanoes, mountains, natural lakes, and ocean, make for a nature filled...