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Boracay is a tropical island encompassed by dazzling white sand shorelines and clear blue waters. Boracay is for those needing to simply relax around and top up their tan, with a lot of beachfront lodgings and on the other hand, it’s also perfect for those who want to indulge in water games and activities. The enjoyment in Boracay doesn’t end when the sun sets. The nightlife throbs with numerous bars and eateries serving until the small hours of day break.

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Top places to visit in Boracay:

• White Beach in Boracay is a favorite amongst the visitors and makes for a blissful experience. It is lined up with the best eateries, bars and hotels of the city.
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• Mount Luho is located right over the eastern coast and offers thoroughly dazzling and breathtaking perspectives which are to die for. It is a little mountain with a review deck. A bird’s-eye view from the highest point of Mount Luho makes the interest in climbing commendable.
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• Pangihan Cave is an ideal place for trek and nature lovers. From the entrance is a 15-20-minute trek inside the cave and the exit towards a completely different side of the cave, both the entrance and exit offering scintillating views.

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Getting to Boracay:

Boracay has no airplane terminal. Visitors arrive by means of one of two air terminals on adjacent Panay, Caticlan or Kalibo. The swiftest course is through Caticlan, which is likewise the nearest seaport. In any case, flights top off amid the high season. A less expensive option is the airplane terminal in Kalibo, from where it’s a simple 1½ to two hours of street to Caticlan.

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When to travel?

The best time to travel to Boracay is certainly from the month of December to the month of April when the climate there is generally dry and fit for the tourists to enjoy the maximum.

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What to eat?

• The Cozina is a tasteful Spanish eatery, which wins with its warm inside outline, fine wine choice, flawless food and the dynamic menu.
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• Sunny Side Cafe is the perfect choice for breakfast. You’ll be stunned by the profundity of the cooking at this contemporary beachfront bistro which is known for its throughout the day breakfast and gigantic portions.
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• Aplaya is a Mediterranean eatery and smooth shoreline bar in Boracay. The beanbag seats on the sand, a monstrous tropical beverage menu, and interminably imaginative cooking can glue you here for quite a long time.

Where to stay?

Pahuwayan Suites, Aissatou Beach Resort, Palassa Private Residences are some of the best, well furnished and centrally located hotels to stay when in Boracay.

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