When it comes to Disney-related destinations around the world, it appears to be quite complicated. There are so many resorts, parks, worlds, clubs…Even cruises!

The most famous Disney places on Earth are:

-Aulani in Hawaii, a resort and spa for the Disney Vacation Club Members (yes, there is such a membership)

-Disneyland resort in California. The first theme park where Walt Disney like to have walked.

-Walt Disney World in Florida. A gigantic combination of four parks, five golf courses and two water parks. It never seems to stop expanding. Not long ago the resort built a Star Wars-themed land and is planning to construct Pandora – the world of Avatar.Florida is also the headquarters of Disney Vacation Club and Disney Cruise Line (sail on one out of four magical ships!).

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-Hong Kong Disneyland – a place designed with local Chinese customs. The first Disneyland where you can take a flight with Iron Man.

-Shanghai Disney Resort is also modified specifically for the Chinese people. One of Disney’s newest additions.

-Tokyo Disney Resort became the first park to be opened outside the US. It includes two theme parks, one of which is Tokyo DisneySea.

-And, finally, Disneyland Paris – the most famous tourist attraction in Europe!

Now you might find it even harder to choose. How about gravitating towards not only a park, but also a magical city? I’m talking about Paris. This is the place, where you will be able to get the brightest Disney experience. Because the magic won’t end after you leave the park.

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«If you can dream it, you can do it».

The Tickets Walt Disney

The best choice is to purchase the tickets via the Internet. Of course, you can always buy the ticket at the park entrance, but that would cost you an hour or so of your precious time. So get online! I would suggest going straight to the official Disneyland Paris website disneylandparis.com.

Moreover, you will be able to see all the promotions and be able to choose the one that suits you without a rush. The special offers usually include the two parks for the price of one or the magic promotions for different Disney Anniversaries.

The first option is great for you, if you decide to visit the parks in one day. The second – if you in-tend to stay in one of the magnificent hotels, because the promotions usually include free nights and even free tickets to the park for the hotel guests. One more advantage you get, if you buy your tickets online – lowest price for the early bookings!

Usually, the entrance fee to one park is around 50-60 euros for adults.

How to Get There?

Ok, you managed to get to Paris. What next? Disneyland is 32 km away from the city center. Cer-tainly, you can splurge on a taxi, but I would suggest taking a train instead. Trains to the park run approximately every 15 minutes, starting from 5.30 a. m. And ending at midnight (just like Cinderel-la’s night). The trip will take you around 40 minutes. Chose the A Line of the RER train system and get off at Marne La Valee station.
Hint: let the Mickey Mouse ears guide you.

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Useful Tips, While you are at Disneyland Paris

-There are two parks inside Disneyland: Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. The tick-ets have to be bought separately, unless you get the deal ‘two parks for one’via Internet. Do that! One day is not quite enough for both parks, but you will surely get the chance to feel the magic.

-Disneyland park doesn’t have as many roller coasters as Walt Disney Studios, but this is where you can truly experience the fairytale. The Studios Park will show you have movies are made in the most entertaining way possible.

-Officially, you are allowed to bring your own food to Disneyland, so don’t worry about that. Any-ways, the park offers a wide variety of themed restaurants and cafes with a different price range.

-Come up with a game that you can play in the giant queues. Yes, the only downside of your magi-cal experience. Buying a FastPass doesn’t always help, but you can try.

-Buy a souvenir! There are dozens of shops where even grownups will be able to find something that suits their taste.
Hint: the items with the reduced prices are usually next to the cashier counter. Want to get a re-minder of your adventure without spending a fortune? Collect charms and pins are the perfect so-lution.

-Stay until night falls. At 11 p.m. you will have the opportunity to witness the best show of your life next to the Sleeping Beauty’s castle. This last ounce of fairy dust will make you gasp and will psy-chologically prepare you for the queue to the park’s exit.

And though the magic spell ends by midnight, you will be left with a few dreams hidden in the most wonderful treasury – your heart.

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