Every country that has one special city where you get to enjoy its every single thing. Such cities turn out to be main hubs of the countries where most of the tourists, settlers and other people drop in to witness their glorious features. The most famous city of UAE is Dubai, which is known for all of its tourist attractions, entertainment facilities and shopping souks.

Dubai Tallest tower burj khalifa viewDubai 7 star hotel burj ul arab view

About Dubai:

Dubai is one of the most populous and attractive cities in UAE (United Arab Emirates). Located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, it is that one place where people from different countries migrate to, the most, thanks to the excellent job opportunities that it offers. A lot of producers and directors visit this city for the sake of finding the most beautiful and attractive locations for their movies. Several movies have been shot here and people have appreciated the wonderful views in the cinema halls.

Dubai skyline view

Did you know?

Most of the buildings as well as structures that this city is equipped with belong to the Islamic Architecture that has always fascinated people the most.

Star attraction of the city:

The Burj Al Arab, a seven star luxury hotel, is the most attractive location of this place. People, who can’t afford to stay, prefer dining here for the sake of witnessing the beautiful interiors of the hotel. A lot of people surround the hotel from its outside so that they can stand, adore and appreciate the wonderful exteriors that it has been carved with.

Dubai night view

Top three reasons to visit Dubai:

• There is a wonderful Miracle Garden in this city. This garden has a carpet of flowers that mesmerizes all the people visiting its beauty.

• This city is one of the cleanest cities that you would ever visit in your entire life. It is beautifully maintained and people are not allowed to litter, anything on the streets. The rules and regulations are properly taken care of, when it comes to maintaining the city.

• The culture of this city surprises people since it is traditionally classic. Although some of the tourists find the culture to be orthodox and discriminating towards the female gender, there are others that are fascinated to see it.

Dubai City view

The best time to visit this city:

The best period to visit Dubai is between October to March. Summers are extremely warm here and it is not suggested for the tourists to get burnt in the heat. On the other hand, winters are pleasant and nice.

Dubai City

Dubai Mall AquariumDubai Mall interior view


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