Whether it is a cloud-piercing mountain standing proudly in a valley or spectacular island in the crystal blue sea the nature is always idyllic, but sometimes it surpasses our imagination. Iguazu Falls are a vivid example of natural wonders. Discovered by Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vega in 1541, Iguazu Falls have become one of the most frequented tourist sites. This is astounding waterfalls of The Iguazu River on the border of Argentina and Brazil. The River makes a boundary between these two countries and flowing from Brasil it is divided into the upper and lower Iguazu by the falls.

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Iguazu falls called Foz do Iguaçu in Portuguese and Cataratas del Iguazu in Spanish are really fascinating and allure myriad tourists from all over the world. There is no better scenery than the view of these 275 drops, which extend to 2,7 kilometers. The height of the falls varies from 60 to 82 meters, making them taller than Niagara. Their beauty takes your breath away once you look at them and the power inspires. For centuries they gave birth to many myths and legends. The most famous of them is the legend about the love of Naipi and Tarouba, who decided to run away in a canoe down the river, as Naipi had to be sacrificed to Serpent God, M’Boi. Unfortunately, M’Boi saw them and sliced the river, making those world famous waterfalls.

Iguazu Falls Wonderful Attraction

Iguazu Falls Wonderful Attraction
The most beautiful part is the Devil’s Throat (Garganta del Diablo), which is a U-shaped chasm. This impressive chasm is 150 meters wide, 82 meters high and 14 falls flow there.
The name of these owes-inspiring waterfalls derive from Guarani meaning ‘big waters’. The view of the it’s, so enchanting that it made Eleanora Roozvelt to exclaim ‘Poor Nigara’.

 To reach Iguazu, visitors can go by train that called Ecologist Rainforest Train. The distance is about 1,100 meters then we have to walk as far as 600 meter until we reach the river. From the river we walk again through the bridge until we reach in “Garganta del Diablo”.

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Though most of the main 19 falls are on the Argentinian side, the view of its more spectacular from the Brazilian side. Both Brazil and Argentina have national parks surrounding the falls, which are no less interesting with their flora and wildlife. The parks are listed in UNESCO World Natural Heritage site list. There are special footbridges in the parks for a closer view with waterfalls; Brazilian side, even gives a possibility to admire the falls from a helicopter. The view from above in a helicopter is an experience that can’t be compared to anything as you see one of the most beautiful sights of the world with a bird—eye view.

Both Argentina and Brazil have airports close to the falls, which makes them easily accessible for tourists, besides, they have hotels in the parks for those who want to devote much time to this masterpiece of nature.

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