“When you visit Maldives Island, you start believing in heaven”

There are some places on Earth that make you believe in both heaven and hell. When you read about volcanic eruptions in different locations, you get the imagination of hell and on the other hand, you start imagining about heaven as soon as you look at the pictures of different islands that have waterfalls and amazing views of the beaches.

Maldives Island Luxury cottages Maldives Island perfect destination

About Maldives Island:

If I start giving you the geographic description of Maldives Island, you may lose interest in knowing about this heavenly place on Earth. All you must know, with respect to its geography, is that it is an island that falls in the Indian Ocean-Arabian Sea area. You may have seen different islands in your life, if you are a traveler and visit different places; but the moment you lay your feet on Maldives Island, you get this voice in your head – this is it!

Generally, the water bodies that surround different islands are either aqua green or sea green; but Maldives Island is popular for its blue colored water body. When you look at the water body surrounding this island, it feels as if some of the angelic kids of the Greek Gods dipped their paint brushes into the water to clean them, after painting the sky.

Maldives Island

Star attraction of the place:

There is absolutely nothing better than the water body surrounding this island. No matter what kind of food you eat or where you stay, you just don’t stop staring at the ocean, ever. There is something so mesmerizing about it that you actually hear the call of naughty sirens, trying to lure you and entice you to come into their world and play.

Maldives beautiful water

Top three reasons to visit this place:

• Since this location’s economic improvement depends on tourism, you are seen with great respect and care by almost all the local people.

• Maldives Island is one of the safest islands in the entire world. Even if you are a woman, who is traveling alone, you don’t need to be worried about anything at all. However, it also depends on how protected you keep yourself and in which hotel you stay.

• There are amazing water sports here. Whether you are a kid or an adult, you enjoy almost all the activities here.

The best time to visit Maldives Island:

December to April is the best period to visit this Island.

Maldives Island Best Honeymoon DestinationMaldives

Maldives Island Maldives Island

South Nilandhe, Maldives Honeymoon Place


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