Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most famous cathedral in Paris. Notre Dame is a critical example of French Gothic design and architecture. It is one of the most famous landmark in France. It is beating even the Eiffel Tower with 13 million guests every year. The renowned basilica is additionally a dynamic Catholic church which holds a lot of religious as well as cultural importance for the pilgrims.

Notre Dame (1)The West front of Notre Dame Cathedral is one of its most eminent elements, with its two 69-meter tall towers. The South Tower houses the well known bell called “Emmanuel.” The Notre Dame Cathedral originally has 10 bells. The largest one out of the 10 is the “Emmanuel” and it is rung the first out of the rest always.

Notre dame (1)

Cathédrale notre dameThis giant bell actually measures 13 metric tons (more than 28,000 pounds), its clapper itself measures 500 kilograms. This big bell is one of the most antique establishment of the Notre-Dame.

The Galleria des Chimeres or Grand Gallery interfaces the two west towers, and is the place the house of prayer’s, where amazing gargoyles or the chimers can be found. These gargoyles project a lot of Gothic character and were included amid the nineteenth century restoration process.

Notre Dame de Paris, East View,Next comes the King’s Gallery which is a line of statues of the 28 Kings of Judah and Israel. It was re-made by Viollet-le-Duc to replace the statues pulverised amid the French Revolution.

Notre Dame Cathedral is also known for the wonderful West Rose Window. It dates back from around 1220 and then the three west gateways of Notre Dame Cathedral are heavenly cases of early Gothic craftsmanship.

Etched somewhere around 1200 and 1240, they portray scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary, the Last Judgment, and scenes from the life of St. Anne (the Virgin Mary’s mom). Huge numbers of the statutes, particularly the bigger ones, were obliterated in the Revolution and changed in the nineteenth century.

Notre Dame (3)Notre-Dame’s glass windows remain an imperative and one of the most significantly beautiful collection from the thirteenth century Gothic artwork and craftsmanship with fascinating and truly interesting historic details. The highlight of these recolored glass windows are the arrangement or the set of three excellent rose windows, which sparkle like gems over the West entryway.

Notre Dame de Paris (4)You must take the tour through the towers, it gives you the absolute most wonderful views around. Another thing to see is the underground display, where they house the old demolishes and ruins underneath the church building. It tell you about the history of this beautiful place.

The whole aura of this place is something entirely different and truly wonderful. To get a superb view, one must climb the 442 stairs to the top.The cathedral is an architectural and infrastructural marvel in itself for centuries. The elements of this cathedral like the arches, the vaulted ceilings, the stained glass windows , etc., are also worth a visit.

Notre dame (3)

Notre dame (4)

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Notre Dame de Paris (3)

Notre Dame de Paris Interior (1)

Notre Dame de Paris Interior

Notre Dame Interior view



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