I know that you are wondering why I choose this title. The reason is because the name ‘Puerto Rico’ directly translated from Spanish means ‘The rich city’. In fact, Puerto Rico is located in the northeastern Caribbean, near the Dominican Republic and the United States. It is an archipelago which includes the main island of Puerto Rico and some small other islands like Vieques, Culebra, and Mona.
Puerto Rico has rich and very interesting history. It has been known since Ancient times, but its real history starts with Columbus because he was the first European who found this amazing piece of earth. So in the beginning of the 16thcentury the Spaniards began to colonize the island. It was a Spanish colony until 19th when it becomes a part of the United States. This is the reason why there are two official languages here – Spanish and English but most of the people speak Spanish, despite the fact that Puerto Rico is American territory now.

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But let us leave the history for the moment. The most important thing is what to do in Puerto Rico. This place is famous with its endless and fabulous beaches, maybe one of the most beautiful in the world! You can walk around or take a long, long sunbath (of course don’t forget your sun protecting products at home).

Puerto Rico Beaches

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I will tell you also some interesting facts about Puerto Rico’. One of them is that more than 70% of the rum sold in the USA comes from Puerto Rico. So if you visit the island you can try the local rum brands and don’t worry, you can taste them until you find your favorite type. Another interesting thing is their national symbol. This is the coqui –a, a tiny frog you can find everywhere on the island– is only an “unofficial national symbol” but its image figures everywhere in Puerto Rican culture and heritage. So when the want to express their nationality, they say: Soy de aquí como el coquí (I’m as Puerto Rican as a coquí). The other fact is that one of the famous musicians – Ricky Martin was born here.
So if you want to meet Ricky Martin, visit this place. I am kidding. But why not? Pick up your reason and your passport and come to the amazing Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico San Juan

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