It doesn’t matter how many islands, mountains and architectural locations you visit, all that matters is that you visit a desert at least once in your life. And why visit just-any-desert when you can take some leaves from your work, steals your partner and take her to the most beautiful desert in the world – in the great Africa – The Sahara Desert!

Come and slide your feet in the golden dust!

Sahara Desert sand dunes

genuinely, the number is towards 1,two hundred. The very driest part of the Sahara Desert, the south Libyan barren region, harbors only a few of these. but, the various oases account for lots loads of different plant species.

Sahara Desert

About Sahara Desert:

Also known as The Great Desert, Sahara is one of its kind. It is the largest hot desert in the entire world and there are different deserts that combine together to make this huge land of sand. The reason why this location is so famous is because most of its sand dunes stretch up to 600ft in height.
Just because it does not mean that there is no water received here. This place is divided into three major parts, depending on the amount of rainfall received. The three parts are mentioned below:
• The Southern Zone
• Central Zone
• And the Northern Zoe

Sahara Desert perfect attraction

Sahara Desert Animal

Camels Running in sahara

Star attraction of the place:

The most important attractions of this place, for which most of the people around the globe visit it, are the beautiful sand dunes. No matter which part of the world you go, except for Sahara Desert. You would never be able to witness such tall dunes in your entire life. The dunes look like miracles to you and there’s complete silence noticed in the entire desert area.

Sahara big dunes

Sahara Desert Sand

Sahara land of deth

Top three reasons to visit Sahara Desert:

• If you are fond the Sahara Deserts, no place can be better than this one to witness the golden particles of sand right in front of your eyes. You really want to get the feeling of being in a movie like Prince of Persia. You have got to visit the Sahara Desert!
• There are amazing water bodies in this location and to name just two to three would be an injustice to the others. Once you look for tourist packages for this desert, you would be introduced to different scenes and lovely water bodies.
• The cities of this place host fabulous markets for the tourists. You want to enjoy shopping, you must visit at least two to three different cities in this location.

The best time to visit Sahara Desert:

You can visit this location anytime between October to April to enjoy a pleasant climate.

Sahara Desert the land of deth and thirsty

Sahara Desert Camels Running 

Sahara hottest place in the world

Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert Images Review

Sahara Desert tree

Sahara Desert dry Tree





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