“Slip your feet into the grip of black sands”
There are a lot of beaches around the globe, but only a few are pretty famous in the list. People look for a lot of things when they plan to go on a vacation on some beaches, but if there is something really special and unique on a particular island, they don’t look at the other islands or beaches at all. Tahiti Island is very famous, which is known for its beauty as well as some unique features.

Tahiti French Polynesia
Tahiti French Polynesia Wonderful place on the earth

Tahiti is a Windward group of French Polynesia’s largest island, located in the Society Islands’ archipelago. It is broadly divided into two major parts – the bigger part, which consists of the northwestern part called Nui, and the smaller part, which consists of the southeastern part called Tahiti Iti.

It is surrounded by mountains with coral reefs and was formed, thanks to volcanic activity. The population is not too much, due to which there is a lot of space for the tourists to enjoy privacy as well.
Tahiti was first known as Otaheite, but later, it was named Tahiti. French is the only official language of this location, although Reo Maohi, the Tahitian language, is also pretty much spoken.

French Polynesia Tahiti French Polynesia Awesome view

Star attraction of the place:

You may have heard of white sand beaches and golden sand beaches, but Tahiti is pretty popular for the black sand beaches that enhance the tourism of the location. You get to witness the beauty of black sand and grey water crashing against the shore and making the place dark and pretty in its own special ways.

Tahiti French Polynesia 
 Tahiti French Polynesia Luxury cottages attractions

Top three reasons to visit Tahiti Island:

1) If you have a thing for cultural dances and costumes, visit Tahiti during its annual festival. The name of the traditional festival is Heiva Festival and it gives you an exposure to cultural dance, music as well as sports of this location.

2) There is a famous museum called Paul Gauguin Museum, which is dedicated to the works of French artist Paul Gauguin. It is the best place for all the art lovers who visit this island.

3) If you want to enjoy shopping and local arts and crafts, Papeete Market awaits your presence in this island.

Tahiti French Polynesia 
 Tahiti French Polynesia beautiful crystal water

The best time to visit:
There can be no better time than the month of July, to visit Tahiti Island, since you get to enjoy the Heiva Festival.

French Polynesia

Tahiti French Polynesia An Expensive Place for tourists 

Tahiti French Polynesia


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