Cinque Terre: The Tranquil and Colorful Italy

Sometimes you just get tired. Fed up with the constant noise, rush and deadlines. Even going out on vacation can seem like something too stressful to even bother. The ultimate search for the best prices and of the must-sees. It can get exhausting and frustrating. Don’t worry. There is a solution for you. The Cinque Terre a dream destination for those who are searching for peace, tranquility and comfort at the same time.

5. About The Cinque Terre

No surprise that throughout history the Cinque Terre was a place that provided defense and safety of its inhabitants. From escaping the invasion of the barbarians in the seventh century and ending with the built of defense towers.

This Eden experienced a long depression for a few centuries, but was brought back to life in the nineteenth century, when a railway line was built close to it. Like a woman that became the centre of attention after years of unconsciousness, the Cinque Terre is now the ultimate destination for romantics and esthetes from all over the globe.

A part of the Italian coast in the Liguria region. The Cinque Terre is situated next to the city of la Spezia and includes five villages: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza, Corniglia and Monterosso al Mare.The villages and the nearby landscape are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and unite under the name of the Cinque Terre National Park. Though it is a well-known tourist destination, no cars can reach this paradisaical land. Well, only if you try really hard. But it surely will be problematic and inconvenient.

4. How to get there?

The surrounding mountains turn the Cinque Terre into a comparably isolated destination. Nowadays the famous train line connects all the villages with Italy’s largest cities. It will certainly be an adventure of a lifetime, if you decide to arrive by sea. Ferries run from spring to autumn from nearby Genoa, for example. Sit back and enjoy the spectacular view you are about to witness, when the boat starts approaching the colorful houses in Riomaggiore – the most popular site of the Cinque Terre.

3. Cinque Terre Attractions

Monterosso is the only village that is easily reached by car. It is not so picturesque as the other ‘sisters’, but it’s the only one that has a proper beach. It is covered with gold sand that favorably shades the bright color of the sea.

Corniglia can be called ‘the mother’ of the villages as it seems like it is keeping an eye on the rest. Corniglia has no sea access, but it is the only village from the terrace of which you can have a glance at all five of them. It is surrounded by vineyards from three sides, while the fourth one is a cliff with a spectacular sea view.

Vernazza is a true ‘fishing village’. It is the only one that has a proper harbor. There are plenty of sights that you can explore during your relaxed days. The Chapel of Santa Marta, the Doria Castle, the Church of Santa Margherita d’Antiochia… But the most well-know view is Piazza Marzoni covered in pastel houses – the heroes of millions of photos.

Manarola is the second smallest ‘sister’, but it may be the oldest of the villages. The San Lorenzo Church dates back to 1338. It is a place that even has its own local dialect! Manarolese. Make sure to try the famous local wine – Sciacchetrà.

Riomaggiore is the largest village and is considered to be the unofficial capital of the Cinque Terre. This southern village is famous for its wine and, of course, the wharf framed by tall colorful houses.

2. Some Useful Travel Tips

All the villages of the Cinque Terre are connected by walking trails. One day will surely not be enough for these small, but amusing Italian diamonds. Trails of various of level of difficulty can be found.

If you want to save some money on accommodation – stay in la Spezia. It is a town close to the Cinque Terre villages, but with a lower price range of hotels and rooms.

Do try the famous wine, but don’t forget about the pearls of the Italian cuisine. In a friggitoria, for example, you can find seafood, cut into bite-size pieces in a paper cone.

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Cinque Terre Colorful Italy

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