If you haven’t heard of Coliseum yet, then it is about time to plan your travel to Rome…

Do not get confused by the words Coliseum and Colosseum, as both mean the same. The history behind this great architectural design holds a tragic incident. It was created as a gesture and a campaign against the capital punishment, which was abolished in Italy in 1948.
Many great artists have performed at this place. Some of these include –Paul McCartney, Elton John, Billy Joel and Ray Charles. The structure of the Coliseum is special as it holds a free standing structure, unlike other Greek theaters.

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Here are the5top reasons what makes the visit of Coliseum worth for the tourists:

1. Rome is known to be one of the most beautiful cities for its architectural designs. The place has some amazing palaces, parks, museums, churches, gardens, temples, theaters and most prominently Pizzas!
2. Rome has some of the most ancient and amazing masterpieces in the category of monuments and paintings.
3. The Italian culture has its own religion, tradition and history.
4. There are about 21 regions and all of these hold a different history altogether. This is what creates more interest in the minds of the tourists.
5. No one can miss the lip smacking, delicious and passionate cuisines.

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List of activities to do near the Coliseum in Rome:

1. The place of the Coliseum itself needs half day to explore. There are several rooms inside where the animals and gladiators waited for their battle to fight.
2. You must also explore the glory of adventurous underground chambers and stadiums where the battles between the gladiators use to happen.
3. If you could afford a bit extra, there is a separate VIP chamber that will arrange a rooftop dinner for the selected ones. This also includes the night tour of the underground chambers.
4. There is another way of exploring the Eternal city on electric bikes. The tour also includes Pizza or Pasta lunch, Gelato and Wine.
5. You may also try the imperial Rome private walk, with the help of an expert. A private guide knows the place well and can guide you to understand the history behind every monument in Rome.

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