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Majorca is still one of the favorite islands for investors, for those who are buying a second residence and for the tourists. The quality of the life Majorca is exceptional. Its capital – Palma de Majorca won an award as the best city in the world to live in.

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Why Majorca?

The Beaches. Majorca is just perfect for the sea lovers. You can find any type of beaches there: the wild ones, those where you can practice water sports and the luxury ones to relax.

The Climate. 300 sunny days per year! There is nothing more to add. You don’t have to worry about the vitamin D in your organism anymore.

The Gastronomy. Welcome, food lovers! The current gastronomy of Majorca is a result of the conjunction of the civilizations that have made history for centuries on this territory. There are dishes for every moment of life. In the market, you can find the freshest products.

The Local Alcohol. From the liquor from «stick» to Pep Lemon (local lemonade). «Stick of Mallorca» is a liquor that tastes first as an alcohol, then gives a sweetness and later – a bitterness. The main aromas are alcohol, caramel and wood.

Its Size. With 100km from north to south and 70km from east to west, it is quite a manageable island to discover. In a few days you can have a complete picture of life on this island.

Its Neighbors. The tranquility of Minorca, the parties in Ibiza, the Formentera’s paradise… And all of these are located very close to Majorca.

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The Capital

Palma de Mallorca, with a population of more than 400.000 people, is the eight largest city in Spain. Its size is just perfect. You won’t waste your time on long trips. Are you one of those who like to walk or ride a bicycle and not to enter the museums? Then the best thing for you is to rent a bike.

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The capital has numerous cycle tracks around the city. And you can go on tour by the Paseo Marítimo walking or by bicycle. On your way you will find the Royal Palace of Almudaina, the Cathedral of Majorca and the park of the sea. The entrance to the Palace is free on Wednesdays and it is absolutely worth being seen. It is easy to get lost in the vicinity of the Cathedral.

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In the park you can discover churches, palaces and temples. And then you can reach the Major Square through the popular shopping street, where you can taste the traditional food and buy some stuff. And, of course, don’t forget to visit the Bellver’s castle. The entrance is free on Sundays.

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More Activities

Trekking. The Serra de Tramuntana. It is a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. And it is a perfect place for hiking and trekking. In Majorca there are also plenty of natural parks, such as s’Albufera natural park. They are worth visiting to see spectacular views and local fauna and flora.

Make a Road Trip. Why not? A car gives you more opportunities to discover the is-land. It gives you total freedom. And you can make a stop wherever you want to take some awesome pictures!

Explore The Caves. If you are a professional speleologist or just want to get inside a cave and see what it feels like, then Mallorca is the right destination. Majorca keeps numerous treasures inside its caves. Various geological processes have created impressive formations that we can admire today.

Majorca is the best Spanish island and the sixth best in the world. This island of the Balearic archipelago is the source of inspiration. Enjoy the pure life of Majorca and find your inspiration.

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