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You will be pleased to know that the Government of China has now opened Simatai, Great Wall for the tourists. However, the visitors can travel the east location only and that too, at the night time. They are not allowed to hike westward of Simatai to Jinshanling. To travel the Great Wall of China, from Gubei Water Town to Simatai, you will need booking.

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Why Simatai for Tourism?

In 2012, Simatai Wall was on top of the list as published by the ‘Times’ with the title of “World’s Top 25 Scenic Spots”. The night view is simply awesome! For all the tourists.  Anyone who feels hiking is difficult, the cable cars are there to avail of. The Water Town looks appealing from the Mandarin Duck Lake.

Simatai great wallThe Great Wall contains several beautiful patterns. The tourists can not only enjoy the traditional Wall View, but also the sheer cliffs and battlement tracks. The ups and downs are very enchanting and change frequently. A few tracks are wide enough that the horses walk is quite possible, while at some places, no more than an individual can pass by.

The Beacon Towers have a unique architecture with 2 or 3 story’s. Some towers are of the square shapes, while others are oval and hexagonal. The arrow holes are 2, 3, 4 and 24 even. The Fairy Maiden Tower and the Wangjing Tower contain amazing features, such as the Fairy Tower is the narrowest one while the Wangjing is the highest tower. The vertical stairway is simply incredible.

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How to Visit Simatai?

The opened area is not steep. The other areas are not safe, that’s why, not allowed to visit. Only if you are a professional hiker, you can decide to visit the unopened areas of the East. Since there are slopes and ridges, you need more energy to move up. It will take almost 2.5 hours to arrive at the East Tower. To move down, you need one hour. For the round trip, the cable car is CNY 160, while for a single visit, it is CNY 90.

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Why Advance Booking?

Some areas are damaged. The number of the visitors is limited. If you want a safe travel, avail the advance booking option. You can apply for the online reservation of the Great Wall. When you are done with the booking, you will receive a confirmation. When you reach there, show them the confirmation with the ID card and get the entry ticket from the Tourists Center Square.

They will guide you, where to get the shuttle to Simatai Wall. The timing of the ticket service is fixed, i.e. Ten O’clock, 12 O’clock and 2 O’clock.

If you do not avail booking in advance, you may not be able to get the ticket on reaching there. So, avoid from risk and have a safe tour.

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The Best Months to Travel Simatai Wall

The best months to travel the Simatai Wall are April and May due to the warm weather. The mountains covered with the lush greenery are worth-seeing. It seems like the wall is a dragon sitting on the green. In September and October, the area is covered by the red leaves that is a charming scene.

What to Eat?

There are stalls of various foods, but it is much better, if you take water and snacks with you. At the Gubei Town, you can have dinner, too. At the Simatai Fol Culture Village, there is a proper arrangement of means and residence.

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