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Every year the «island of eternal spring»becomes a perfect place for the lovers of the sun, beach-es, exclusive clubs and astonishing nature. However, this paradise has much more to offer to its explorers. The largest of the seven Canary Islands is a big magnet for a lot of tourists. And it is not hard to imagine why. Culture, history, festivals, dream beaches, magical forests. Everyone can find something for himself in Tenerife. But today we are going to talk about paradisiacal beaches that the island has to offer.
Tenerife beaches (1)

Tenerife beaches (2)

What kind of beach do you see, when you close your eyes? It may be a golden sand one with a calm sea that gets lost in the horizon. Perhaps you are a water sport lover and you are always searching for the best waves or a strong wind. Perchance you would like to see how your feet sink into the heat of the black sand, while your wet salty skin dries in the sun. Or maybe you can im-agine yourself diving between the volcanic rocks? In all of these cases, you were imagining Tene-rife.
Tenerife beaches (3)

Tenerife beaches (4)

6 Best Tenerife Beaches

1. El Camisón Beach

is located in the municipality of Arona. It is a golden sand beach that is shel-tered from the waves. If your thing is to sunbathe in the hammock and have all the services at your hand’s reach, then El Camisón is your beach! But if you are active and can’t just lay on the beach all day doing nothing, you can enjoy some aquatic sports.

El camison beach

2. Las Gaviotas Beach

is a symbol of freedom and the connection with nature. It is isolated, but at the same time close to the capital of Tenerife. It is an ideal place to disconnect from the hustle of the city. Las Gaviotas is a black sand beach located under the cliff of the Anaga massif. Breathtaking views are provided! Also, you can practice nudism on this beach.

Las gaviotas beach

3. Los Roques Beach

is unique and beautiful. You must see it, if you like showing your beautiful pictures to your friends. You can see a spectacular show on how rocks of a volcanic origin get beaten by the strong waves. The beach is really outstanding at low tide. It is exactly when you can appreciate its fine black sand. To access it you have to cross the water trail near Puerto de la Cruz.

Los roques beach

4. Almáciga beaches

located in a charming village – Taganana, on the slope of the Anaga massif. If your passion is wildness and surf, you will fall in love with this place. It is a black sand beach of a volcanic origin. And the waves are pretty strong during the whole year, so you have to be careful.

Almáciga beachis

5. Benijo Beach

is a wild beach, where you won’t find any bars or lounges. The Benijo is the most secluded beach in the town of Taganana. It is an excellent place to come with your lovers to spend a whole day of enjoyment. There you can see the best sunset of your life.

Benijo beach

6. Diego Hernández Beaches

one of the best beaches in Tenerife. It is one of the most savage and perhaps the least known one. The beach is located near the area of La Caleta, in the mu-nicipality of Adeje. Admire the crystal water, golden sand and incredible scenery of the island of La Gomera. It is better to visit the Diego Hernández beach at low tide so you won’t need to set-tle on the rocks.

Diego hernández beaches

It is very hard to name the best beaches of such an incredible island as Tenerife. Every beach is unique and provides something new and special. But, for sure, you will love your holidays spent in Tenerife and will find your own paradise.

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