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Waiting to be treasured like golden gems hidden out at sea, the Bahamas Islands stretch all 700 of themselves out across the top of the Caribbean Sea. They are spread across a span of 13,939 square kilometers and are home to about 300,000 people. Just like humans share the commonality of difference among themselves, each of the 700 islands are celebrated by their beautifully unique and individual personalities. No matter which island travelers decide to spend their vacations, they will find themselves fully emerged in the sunlight of warm hospitality, colorful moments of a lively and vibrant culture, and memories of a world of extraordinary wonders.

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The Islands

The Bahamas are known for their wondrous composition of 700 islands. Although it would be the ultimate dream to visit all 700 of the Bahamas Islands, it isn’t entirely realistic for most travelers. Before visiting, travelers should decide which islands, they will be visiting and what kind of experience they wish to have. Some travelers may wish to visit the islands with the most resorts and have an experience of luxury; other travelers may wish to visit the most remote of islands and have an experience of solitude and natural wilderness. The following three Bahamas Islands all have beautifully different experiences.

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Acklins and Crooked Islands

Acklins and crooked islands
These two islands are considered the most remote and least visited of the Bahamas Islands; the two islands are practically as untouched as they were when they were first discovered. Separated by the lagoon known as the Bight of Acklins, the two beaches are built upon miles of natural coral gardens, limestone caves, and remarkable cliffs. On Crooked Island, travelers can explore the surviving traces of the slave and cotton plantations of Gunpoint and French Wells. Acklin Island, being one of the least known of the islands, is the perfect destination for travelers looking to be secluded and spend the afternoons indulging in traditional bone fishing.

What to do on Acklins and Crooked Islands

Lucayan Indian Sites

Resting along the Pompey Bay Beach, south of Spring Point, Acklins, one of the largest Lucayan Indian settlements survives.

Turtle Sound

Referred to as an inland river, this nine mile long waterway is considered one of the natural wonders of The Bahamas. Beginning at French Wells Channel and ending behind the northern settlements, travelers will walk among populated marine and bird life.

Fish Acklins and Crooked Islands

Crooked islands fish
The secluded and undisturbed waters of the Bight of Acklins, make fishing on the islands any fishermen’s a heaven on Earth experience. The waters are populated, year-round, with bonefish, pompano, barracuda, and tarpon. Packages for half and full-day fishing are available and include all equipment necessary.

Where to Stay on Acklins and Crooked Islands

Chester’s Highway Inn Bonefish Lodge
Created with detailed construction on the theme of bone and sport fishing, this lodge will have every traveler wanting to experience the traditions of fishing on the Islands. The lodge is located about 40 miles north of the Spring Point Airport.

Chester’s Bonefish Lodge
Located on the northern tip of Acklins Island and in the village of Chester’s, this vacation stay is situated on the shores of the Bahamas beach. The lodge is divided into six separate rooms that are only steps away from the crystal waters and colorful tropical plants.

Cat Island

Cat island bahamas

Like Acklin and Crooked Islands, Cat Island is another piece of the Bahamas that wears an untouched and pristine landscape. Visitors will naturally unwind while being surrounded by winding wilderness trails and the eight-mile Pink Sand Beach.

What to do on Cat Island

Mt. Alvernia

At 206 feet above sea level, Mt. Alvernia is the highest point of elevation in the country. Sitting on the hill is The Hermitage, a hand carved medieval monastery sculpted by Father Jerome.

Rake and Scrape Music

Known as The Bahamas’ indigenous music, travelers will be surrounded by music created by the use of recycled objects such as wood, fishing line, tin washtubs, goatskin drums, and a saw.

Boating in Cat Island

Boating in cat island

Many of the travelers that visit Cat Island are there to sail the beautiful waters surrounding the island. Hawk’s Nest is the only marina in the area, but it provides its visitors with all of the food, fuel, equipment, and electricity that they will need. Boaters will explore uninhabited caves, historical landmarks, and the natural “rose-colored” beaches.

Where to Stay on Cat Island

Shanna’s Cove Resort

Shanna’s cove resort
Each lodging of the resort, having its own balcony that looks out into the horizons of the sea, provides every visitor with an experience of relaxation and paradise. The resort is rated number one on the island for its excellent service, accommodations, and its restaurant’s exquisite cuisine.

Greenwood Beach Resort
Located at Port Howe, Cat Island, this resort is only 80 feet away from the magical 8-mile-long beach. Visitors who stay at this resort enjoy the secluded evening strolls on the shores. The resort prides itself on its charming and quaint atmosphere.

Grand Bahama Island

Grand bahamas island

An island full of history, Grand Bahama Island has three popular destinations to explore within itself- East End, Freeport/Lucaya, and West End. The island’s settlements: Pinder’s Point, Russell Town, Smith’s Point, and William’s Town, are historically named after the families in which first founded them. The island is also home to three tropical national parks and a heavenly beach on the south side of the island.

What to do on Grand Bahama Island

Rand Nature Centre

Found in the heart of Freeport, this National Park is composed of a 2,000-foot trail that travels through pine and coppice forests, a variety of fascinating bird species, and tropical nature that soothes the spirit. This Park has its peak season from October to May.

Underwater Caves
Beneath the surface of the island’s waters, awaits one of the world’s biggest cave systems. The caves can be explored from both the land and sea, but some underwater areas require permission to dive.

Night Life on Grand Bahamas Island

Night life on grand bahamas island
Lit up with beach bars, nightclubs, sunset cruises, and the Las Vegas-style casino at the Grand Lucayan Resort, travelers will have a hard time wanting to even close their eyes for a moment with all of the extraordinary commotion around them.

Count Basie Square
Located in Port Lucaya Marketplace, travelers will be treated to native entertainment of fire dancing, karaoke, and live folk music.

The International Heritage Festival
Located in Eight Mile Rock, travelers will celebrate the culture of international residents.

The Lucayan Live
Held at the Grand Lucayan Beach and Golf Resort, entertainment here includes showcases of international stars.

Where to Stay on Grand Bahamas Island

Grand Lucayan Beach and Golf Resort

Grand lucayan beach and golf resort

An upscale island stay, this resort provides its guest with everything from Asian-style restaurants, a cigar bar, 25,000 square feet of a fitness center and spa, a golf course, and dazzling pools. Each guest room is situated in view of either the ocean or island.

Other Islands

Andros Island
Bimini Island
Eleuthera and Harbour Islands
Long Island
Nassau and Paradise Islands
Ragged Island
Rum Cay
San Salvador
The Abacos Island
The Berry Island
The Exumas

Best Time to Visit The Bahamas Islands and Beaches

The Bahamas Islands, not only blessed with its wondrous beaches and paradise atmosphere, revels in outstanding weather for more than 300 days out of the year. Temperatures rarely dip below 60 degrees. The least crowded months are between May and October, travelers should visit during these months if they wish to have a more solitude experience. However, average high temperatures are from December to May and range from the high 70s to low 80s. The Bahamas Islands have their rainy season between May and November, and hurricane season starts in June.

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