Disneyland, also known as Disneyland Park, is located in Anaheim, California and was introduced to the public on July 17, 1955 as the world’s first ever Disney park. During its more than 60 years long life, Disneyland Park has seen more than 515 million people through its doors.

Disneyland Resort California

Within the park, visitors can explore the eight different themed “lands” of: Main Street USA, New Orleans Square, Adventureland, Critter Country, Frontierland, Mickey’s Toontown, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland. Each of the lands creates a unique atmosphere filled with magical attractions, such as Alice in Wonderland in Fantasyland, and Goofy’s Playhouse in Mickey’s Toontown.

Disneyland Resort California

Disneyland Park is a beautifully majestic dreamworld; vendors serving sugary treats and glittering tiaras and share laughter with Disney’s families, Cinderella and Minnie Mouse hold giddy children in their arms, and families share endless love with one another while making lifetime memories.

Disneyland Resort California

Magical Lands of Disney’s Park

Within Disneyland Park, there are eight different themed lands in which visitors can spend days exploring. Visitors will spend a full day, or more, exploring the magical kingdom with fairy tale princesses, sailing among the stars, riding through the oceans with pirates, and feasting like kings. Attractions throughout the different lands include water rides, twisting roller coasters, theatrical performances, themed restaurants, and interactive shows.

Top Rated Attractions in Disneyland California

Depending on the amount of time travelers plan to visit Disneyland Park, planning which rides are ones that cannot be missed, and the ones that maybe can be skipped, could be necessary. Ideally, travelers should plan to spend two to three days exploring the parks if they wish to experience, or close to every ride. Nevertheless, visitors should be able to visit all of the “top rated” rides within one day. Within the lands, there are many different categories of rides such as coasters, interactive shows, and dark rides. However, travelers have rated the following attractions as a few of the must sees:

Disneyland Resort California

Pirates of the Caribbean

A boat ride that sails the waters of the past when pirates ruled the oceans of the Caribbean. Riders board a large boat, creaking with the sounds of old, rickety wood. Slowly, the boat drags itself past scenes of sword fighting pirates, drunk men clinking beer mugs together while singing catchy pirate tunes, and alligators prowling the low swamp waters. The ride contains intricate detail so visitors have suggested riding more than once to embrace it all.

Disneyland Resort California

Indiana Jones Adventure

Opening its mysterious doors in 1995, Indiana Jones Adventure still holds the love and excitement of guests that it first captured 21 years ago. Riders will begin their journey by stepping aboard a transport vehicle and traveling towards a daring adventure into the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. There, visitors will be forced into facing the horrific encounters of “screaming, mummies, erupting lava, evil wraiths, and giant snakes.” Reviews have reported that the ride usually has long waits, which makes it a great use for a FastPass.

Hyperspace Mountain

Popularly called Space Mountain, this attraction is a Star Wars overlay to the original attraction. Riders will blast off through a lightening-speed tunnel, surrounded by outer space music, and around a dark track lit up by neon lights. The effect, and atmosphere, of the ride will have visitors feel as if they are truly floating through the cosmos.

Disneyland Resort California

FastPass Express Line System

The FastPass Express Line System introduced in 1999. Using the FastPass System allows visitors to use their Disneyland Park admission tickets to save time in line for their favorite attractions. To obtain a FastPass, visitors are instructed to look for a FastPass distribution sign near the entrance of an attraction. Then, they feed the FastPass machine. Their Disneyland Park ticket and, in return, they will receive a FastPass ticket with a return time. Later, at that time, they come back to attraction and are able to bypass any long lines in the way. Using the FastPass System is a free, and easy way for travelers to see even more of the park and all of its treasures.

When to Go

Depending on the experience visitors wish to have, choosing the appropriate time to travel to Disneyland Park is crucial. If travelers wish to have a quieter experience with less crowds, they should visit the Park in mid-January, early to mid-May, and early December just before the holidays. If travelers wish to have the contrary, a full packed experience of large crowds, long lines, and festivities everywhere, they should travel during holidays, on the weekends, and during the warm summer months.

Disneyland Resort California

Where to Stay

Although Disneyland Park sees a handful of its visitors for just one day. Many of them return for a few consecutive days. Conveniently, Disneyland houses these travelers in one of their three on-property resorts. The following three resorts are the beautiful options that visitors can choose from if they wish to stay on the Park’s land during their trip:

Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa
An elegant “Craftsman-style” resort with a complete world class spa; pricing starts at $470.00 per night.

Disneyland Hotel
Luxurious rooms and a bonus system of monorail-themed water slides; pricing starts at $360.00 per night.

Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel
A seaside themed hotel with a rooftop pool; pricing starts at $269.00 per night.

Disneyland Resort California

Where to Eat

While running through the many mystical lands of Disney, travelers are bound to grow an appetite and will be craving a feast of a King. Luckily, all of Disneyland’s worlds have themed restaurants, quick food options, and casual dining. That all serve only the most delightful cuisines to their customers. Some of the highest restaurants, based on guest reviews, are the following:

Bengal Barbecue
A quick service stand, located in Adventureland, serves mouthwatering jungle skewers of sweet or spicy beef, chicken, bacon-wrapped asparagus, or fresh veggie options. Prices range, on average, from $14.99 and under.

Goofy’s Kitchen
This buffet-styled restaurant is a fun place for families with, or without children. Enjoy a meal for any time of the day. Customers are able to serve themselves or be table waited on by Disney’s characters like Goofy, Daffy Duck, and Mickey Mouse. Prices range, on average, from $35-$60.00.

Napa Rose
Located in Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa Resort, this fine dining restaurant splashes its customers with an experience filled with class and luxury. Napa Rose is known for its upscale and extensive wine list; prices range, on average, from $35-$60.00

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