Socotra is also known as Soqotra is a beautiful island and also an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. It’s a Remote Island in Yemen located at a distance of 340 Kms from the mainland and when you get the glimpse of this island, it will give the feel as if you entered the world of sci-fi film. Socotra Island acts as the home to some 800 odd species of flora and fauna. The interesting part about this Flora and Fauna is that one third of these species are not visible anywhere else on earth.


The wide and extended sandy beaches, with towering mountains at the back will take breaths of any nature lovers. To add beauty to this Island the limestone caves play a king size role. The green life of this planet is a bit different and it evolved to match out with the hot and dry atmosphere of this Island. Some of the trees on this Island are more than 200 Million years old.


What to see in Socotra:

What not to see in Socotra may be the easier question to answer for a traveler. There are many things to see which are completely undiscovered by the people who are still not lucky enough to visit this place. Eco-tourism is conducted by the local population of this island.
• Camping at the prehistoric lands of Homhil will be a great experience for you and the endemic species of plants will surely take your breath.
• To take a glimpse of the mushroom shaped Dragon trees reach Dixsam Plateau.
• You can enjoy a fascinating day while swimming on the holes of clear-water of Wadi Daerhu.
• To get the view for lifetime memorable sunset of your life visit sand dunes of Hayf and Zahek.


The bizarre look of the Dragon’s Blood, Desert Rose plants and the narrow coastal plains will give you the feel of a whole new world. The history of Socotra speaks about the fact that in ancient period it has been just the land of dragons and phoenix and was the actual Garden of Eden.


Get around in Socotra:

How to reach Socotra? Well, for that you need to book a round trip to Sana. Sana is the capital of Yemen. After Reaching Sana you will get several domestic carriers like Yemenia and Felix via which you can reach Socotra. But before you plan for Socotra trip, do visit the official sites to check the flight frequencies and the Air Ticket rates. Tourist information centers are there in Yemen, from where you can collect authentic data about the Island, which is important for you to know as a traveler. For getting around in Socotra you can hire, tour guide and explore the Island on a four wheeler.


When to visit:

Are you an adventure freak and love windsurfing? If yes, then the period of June to September will be the best for you. In case you are just looking to explore the Island and experience the beauty it owes October to April will be a brilliant season for you. In Socotra Rainy season covers the months from November to December.


What to do in Socotra:

You can enjoy the activities like Diving, Swimming, Trekking, Bird watching and camel tours know the secrets of this place.


What to eat in Socotra:


The local restaurants in this Island will serve you a simple, well cooked food which may include spiced rice or African bread. You can find staple food like Fish and vegetables here. Don’t Miss the chance to enjoy the seafoods on the island. Try out grilled and flavored fish like Tuna, King Fish and lobster evenly boiled. To stay safe from any food allergies, it is advisable to enjoy your food in the restaurants of the Hotels where you stay.


Where to stay in Socotra:

As already mentioned Socotra is an eco-tourism destination and you cannot expect all facilities of modern lifestyle from the hotels out here. There are 4 notable hotels in the region of Hadibo.
• Taj Socotra Hotel
• Hafijj Hotel
• Socotra Hotel
• Summer land Hotel

Socotra island, Yemen


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