Sunset Beach is one of the best beach in Oahu, Hawaii. The highlight of the beach is that it is a wonderful surfing mecca which is not to be missed when around or while exploring Waimea Bay and the Banzai Pipeline. Hawaii has been the favorite traveler destination and still wins many hearts when it comes to perfect enjoyment and vacationing and the sunset beach too is one of the destinations one must definitely visit when in Hawaii. It is fun, lively, breathtakingly beautiful and completely worth having a holiday at.

Sunset Nice view

This well known surfing shoreline wakes up amid the winter months when huge sea swells draw the best surfers from all around the globe. At all seasons of years the grand shoreline is a delight to visit, and amid the more settled summer months it can be a pleasant swimming shoreline, and snorkelling can be great on the northern end of the shoreline. The sandy base makes it lovely to frolic however there are some reefy ranges close to the lifeguard station. A point on the North side of Sunset is called Backyards.

Sunset View at evening time

Amid the winter season this beach is exciting and becomes, a world-acclaimed surfing spot.If around you can be a part of the world-class tournament for surfers which are held here and wit-ness the experts swing and sway on those waves that occasionally achieve more than 25 feet in tallness.

Sunset Beach (3)

Sunset Beach is also a genuine surfer’s paradise. Sunset Beach is at the East end and towards the West are Ehukai Beach and Banzai Pipeline, two other mainstream surfing shorelines. Sunset Beach is viewed as dangerous for unpracticed surfers, because of broad coral developments close to the surface. Conditions for swimming change, contingent upon the specific area and season. As a rule, the water is level as a lake in the summers and has waves in the winters. All the surfing challenges happen in the winter around December and January, that being the season of the big-gest and best waves for surfing. Swimming conditions change from spot to spot along the shore-line. There is typically a place to swim someplace, with the exception of amid a stormy climate.


The Sunset Beach is likewise known for its effective rip current, called the Sunset Rip, that keeps running on each huge swell. In any case, notwithstanding, when the sea seems quiet, you’ll see the solid water current in the nearshore waters. You enter the sea in one zone, however a couple of minutes after the fact you get yourself a tad bit additionally down the shoreline. Speculating from its name, Sunset Beach has pleasant dusk scenes, particularly in the late spring months.

Ruby Beach Sunset

The beach is absolutely extraordinary and truly a vacationers paradise. It’s not only your relaxation get away, but your top hit for a lot of other activities present here. One can have a blast here sometimes sunbathing, surfing, snorkelling and swimming or just sit back, relax and be totally awestruck with the natural beauty around.

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Sunset View Fantastic

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Sunset Beach


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